Thursday, 25 October 2012

Our eBookTreasures Windows 8 App

So this is what we've been working on for the last 6 weeks or so. One of the first Windows 8 apps.

The previous versions of our books were (and are) sold in the iBookStore, and I had a revealing conversation with a client the other day. He was trying to demo one to a colleague and spent ages rootling around on his iPad looking for it. He couldn't find it as he was looking for an app. It didn't occur to him that we'd built it as an iBook.

With visual books like these, people just think of apps. So we built them one.

There are other advantages too. As well as aggregating all our books in one place, we can add features like gilded pages catching the light when you tilt the tablet, annotation on the page using a stylus, pinning a book to the start page, our own version of whispersync and much more.

We're really proud of the app and I think the sort of content we have sits very well with the minimalist interface design encouraged for Windows Store apps.

The app is free, and A Medieval Bestiary from the British LIbrary collection is available for free download within the app for a while. Other books range from £1.79 to about £3.49.

There's a link here to the Windows Store. If you are on another OS (kind of probable right now...) you'll just get a web page. But with a predicted 1m installs of Win8 a day, I'm hoping that the link will be useful for you someday soon.

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